. Company Information :

Company name

Business name (if different)

Legal representative

Sector of activity

Company contact details

Phone :
Fax :
Email :

Company’s accountable manager

Head office address

Project address ( if different)



Project phase

Project description

Project’s progress status (in MAD or %)

Investment :
Jobs :
Exports :

. Investment Origin


. If Foreign, what are the factors that have determined your settlment in Morocco

C.1 / Among the factors listed below, please check those that encouraged you to invest in Morocco?

Political stability

Geographical location

Free Trade Agreements

Infrastructure Quality

Market potential

Costs and production factors (if yes, be more specific: Infrastucture availability, Energy cost, Labour cost, Raw materiel availability)

Proximity to export markets

Local partnership opportunities

Qualified human resources

Advantageous tax framework

Interesting grants and subsidies

Advantageous institutional and Legislative Framework

Possibility to reach the African Market

C.2/ Other factors :


. Rating the procedures undertaken to implement the project :

Please rate your level of satisfaction regarding the aspects listed below (check the corresponding box, only one response per line is possible, check “NA” if not applicable).

Significance of the rating scale :

1: Not satisfied at all; 2: not satisfied; 3: fairly satisfied; 4: satisfied; 5: Very satisfied; NA: not applicable

Level of satisfaction


  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • Na

Availabilty of necessary information and data while planning the investment

Guidance and assistance

Time required to set up the company

Availability of property

Property acquisition procedures

Property price

Quality of external infrastructure necessary for the implementation of the project

Access to funding

Time to get required authorisations

Quality of local administrations’ service

Quality of central administrations’ service

Granted advantages

Procedures to obtain advantages

Exchange rate regime

Support quality in general

responsiveness of stakeholders to your requests

Project follow up by local authorities

Project follow up by central authorities

Customs regime

Tax system

Availability of qualified human resources

Manpower cost

Suppliers Quality


. Have you benefited from one of the advantages granted by the State

E.1- if you have benefited from the advantages granted by the State, please answer by Yes or No ( if yes please give details)

State land granting


details :


details :

Other Advantages:

E.2 if you haven’t benefited from the advantages granted by the State, what is the reason for that ?


. Requests

Check the box meeting your request:

Searching for land or building

Searching for human resources

Searching for key projects portefolio


Searching for institutional partnerships (the Moroccan confederation of business associations (CGEM), Chambers of commerce, universities,….)

Administrative support

Searching for partners (suppliers, business partners, subcontractors…)

Searching for clients or markets


. What support services you wish Morocco’s Investment and Trade Agency to add to the list



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